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The Luna Project by Ty-DySplat The Luna Project :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 2 0 Painting by Ty-DySplat Painting :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 3 0 Lil'paint job by Ty-DySplat Lil'paint job :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 8 4 Aeiro Sketch by Ty-DySplat Aeiro Sketch :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 15 15 Nomis // Simon by Ty-DySplat Nomis // Simon :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 15 4 Tgb // Art Dump by Ty-DySplat Tgb // Art Dump :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 16 14 Recollect by Ty-DySplat Recollect :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 12 2 Birthday Much? by Ty-DySplat Birthday Much? :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 30 12 TGB Meme // Aeiro and Sohcah by Ty-DySplat TGB Meme // Aeiro and Sohcah :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 23 27 TGB - Sohcah //  [Black - Earth] by Ty-DySplat TGB - Sohcah // [Black - Earth] :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 12 7 TGB -  Aeiro // Heart Chart by Ty-DySplat TGB - Aeiro // Heart Chart :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 3 0 Merry Christmas:. TGB Secret Santa by Ty-DySplat Merry Christmas:. TGB Secret Santa :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 23 4 Merry Christmas:. TGB Secret Santa by Ty-DySplat Merry Christmas:. TGB Secret Santa :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 24 5 TGB // Aeiro [ Gray-Light ] by Ty-DySplat TGB // Aeiro [ Gray-Light ] :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 26 15 No Name - Vent Art by Ty-DySplat No Name - Vent Art :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 2 3 TGB - Aeiro // Assignment by Ty-DySplat TGB - Aeiro // Assignment :iconty-dysplat:Ty-DySplat 30 9


Us bros gotta stick together by Mustang890 Us bros gotta stick together :iconmustang890:Mustang890 5 18
TGB :: Promettre
Everything burned.  Her entire body seemed consumed by the heat, not of the scorching sun, but of her own rage.  Nothing could have prepared her for this - goddamn nothing.  The silver feline cursed and spat, her amber eyes flashing with hopeless anger as tears spilled over her lids like an army storming a once so heavily guarded stronghold.  They left her soft silver cheeks stained, leaving dark grey trails as they dripped from her face, taking the light from her eyes as they fell.  Her tears obscured her vision, leaving Water Tribe nothing but a blur, but she could still feel them...all the stares - the hollowed, haunted stares.
"You took her from me...!" Sooka burst out, no longer caring how insane the rest of Water Tribe thought her.  She was nothing to half of them but a returned, cowardly Exile anyhow - a traitor by the mark of her scars laid across her once whole tattoo.  "You took her - my leader...m-my
:iconliv-vee:Liv-vee 11 10
{tGB} Drowsy! by Vinscribbles {tGB} Drowsy! :iconvinscribbles:Vinscribbles 15 5 [ TGB ] Hero of the Day by AngelShadowRena [ TGB ] Hero of the Day :iconangelshadowrena:AngelShadowRena 19 7 4.1 Mini Mission: Dust Bowl by eternailee 4.1 Mini Mission: Dust Bowl :iconeternailee:eternailee 10 6 TGB :: Tumblr Answer #6 by Liv-vee TGB :: Tumblr Answer #6 :iconliv-vee:Liv-vee 4 0 tGB// In This Case, One Is Better Than Two. by 3Tawnystripe tGB// In This Case, One Is Better Than Two. :icon3tawnystripe:3Tawnystripe 28 43
tGB// And He's Free, Free Falling
The sound of the waves breaking on the shore was soothing, a rhythm the tom had come to appreciate and find relaxing, though at first it’s faintest echoes had driven sleep from his eyes. Kyer stood in the water now, the salty waves lapping at his legs as he watched the waves stretch out before him, colors of the nearly-set sun bleeding and staining the waves with their hues. The blue-green-shadow’s ears strained forwards, eager to go out to the cliffs. He’d not been there since before the caiman attack. I wonder, has any cat claimed those gems? The memory of his first interaction - had it been his first? Yes, it was his earliest memory of any interaction- with Artemis flitted through his mind, causing a slight furrow in his brow. I really hope she’s not still upset with me. He could see the cliffs, growing darker than the sky now, their blurred edges seeming to swallow the waves that crashed loudly against them. More relaxing than birdsong. Shaking his h
:icon3tawnystripe:3Tawnystripe 9 14
TGB: Human artdump by Snowwire TGB: Human artdump :iconsnowwire:Snowwire 88 33 TGB | Takara | v2.0 by Snow-Bunny101 TGB | Takara | v2.0 :iconsnow-bunny101:Snow-Bunny101 19 8


The Luna Project
It feels like things can be so hopeless and crazy, especially with all that's going on in America now a days! DONT lOSE HEART MY FRIENDS! You are all so valued and worthy of being loved. Spread hope and kindess to others, especially those who need it!

Love coffee? Have a heart for the homeless community??
Check out my friends' website!! (: I designed the logo for my friend. Man, i am so so proud of her for starting such an awesome organization!!

"Building up hope and breaking down barriers in the homeless community."
I probably won't be as active as much, but my future drawings are mainly going to be of my own characters and such!


United States


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